Three Quick Questions Bengt Mattson, expert in the supply of medicines at Lif (the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry), about Sweden’s supply and stocks of medicines.

View More Benjamin Dousa, chair of the Moderate Youth League, who will take over this autumn as the new CEO of the think tank Timbro, about how the corona crisis is affecting the political conditions.

View More Pär Dalhielm, CEO of the industry body the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association, about how climate change is affecting drinking water and about the paradigm shift that the water and sewage industry is undergoing.

View More virus expert Bo Niklasson about Covid-19 immunity and how to open the borders.

View More Adam Bergsveen, Head of Communication at the Swedish Outdoor Association, about the importance of outdoor life during the corona crisis and how the Swedish Outdoor Association has communicated during the current situation.

View More Johanna Ragnartz, CEO of the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, about how the corona crisis has brought about new methods for continuing to drive the national clean-up work.

View More Jens Holm (Left Party), chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport and Communications, about the effects of the corona crisis on transport policy and infrastructure investments.

View More Björn Arvidsson, Managing Director of STUNS Life Science (formerly Uppsala BIO), about the corona pandemic’s impact on life science

View More virus expert Bo Niklasson about how countries, government agencies, companies and organisations can minimise the damage caused by the coronavirus.

View More Klas Liljegren, CEO of the energy trading company Modity, about energy markets under pressure to change.

View More Mattias Keresztesi, senior consultant and associate partner at New Republic, about making the switch from head of policy at the Moderate Party’s Parliamentary Secretariat to strategic adviser.

View More Arba Kokalari, Moderate MEP and the EPP Group member with responsibility for developing sustainable trade and the circular economy.

View More Catharina Lehto, CEO and founder of Seeqest, a newly launched tool that brings visibility to the saver’s occupational pension holdings.

View More Benny Damsgaard, associate senior advisor and New Republic’s resource in Copenhagen.

View More Olle Schubert, CEO of New Republic, on why New Republic has joined the Salaried Employee Agreement, a collective agreement between Almega Service Associations, Unionen, and Akademikerförbunden.

View More Jonas Vig, CEO of Min Doktor, Sweden’s first and leading digital healthcare provider.

View More Johanna Richardsson, COO of Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, about humanitarian efforts to alleviate suffering and rekindle the joy of living and about the International Day of Peace.

View More Mats Ählberg, industry representative at the Swedish Electricity Entrepreneurs, about the electricity networks’ capacity deficit and how collaboration is required to make the energy transition.

View More Håkan Tribell, acting regional manager of the Uppsala Chamber of Commerce, about how Uppsala’s life science industry is doing and why the chamber of commerce has launched a new local network.

View More Caroline Meyer Lagersparre, press officer for Suicide Zero, about their Open Friday seminar in Almedalen on what society can do to reduce the number of suicides in Sweden.

View More Peter Syrén, CEO of Midroc Properties, about what the sharing economy and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals can mean for a property developer.

View More Mikael Salo, editor in chief of Aktuell Hållbarhet, about ranking Sweden’s most environmentally friendly municipalities and about the long-standing partnership with New Republic.

View More Gabriella Danielsson, regional manager south at Business Sweden, about how Business Sweden helps small and medium-sized Swedish companies to increase their global presence and sales.

View More Jacob Rudbäck, founder of the app company Yepstr, which participated in Open Friday 2016, about the importance of attending Almedalen as a company.

View More Aylin Farid, social policy adviser and procurement lawyer at Avfall Sverige, about how we can be better at what we do with our waste.

View More Naod Habtemichael, chair of the Centre Students and soon to be the City of Gothenburg’s youngest-ever municipal commissioner, about the political situation.

View More Pia Grahn, CEO of Regi Research and Analysis, which organises the award Årets Byrå (Agency of the Year), the largest sector and client study of its kind.

View More Kenneth Johansson, CEO of InnoEnergy Scandinavia, about how companies can work to develop and implement sustainable energy solutions.

View More Tobias Krantz, Head of Education, Research and Innovation at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, about the need for higher education reforms.

View More Anna Henstedt, charging infrastructure manager at BIL Sweden, about the electrification of the vehicle fleet and the new Swedish Government’s ambitions.

View More Per-Olov Wikberg, coordinator of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s avalanche forecast service, about how avalanche forecasts are communicated and how they can help make mountain trips safer

View More Håkan Wifvesson, chairman of FC Rosengård, about the threat to Swedish women's football.

View More Anna Kinberg Batra, former leader of the Moderate Party, about labour migration.

View More Sara Bargi, New Republic’s climate and energy expert, about the Climate Act in 2019.

View More Lihini Wijesinghe, chair of the non-profit Fler Unga (More Young People), about what the next Government should do, ‘the Youth Contract’ and Almedalen 2019.

View More Swedenergy’s Per Holm about the wind power veto and wind and solar power opportunities.

View More Christofer Fjellner, Moderate MEP, about the European pillar of social rights.

View More Svensk Turism’s Anna Hag about nature tourism, the threat to the Laponia World Heritage Site and what the next Swedish Government should get to grips with.

View More Olle Schubert about New Republic being awarded Agency of the Year two years in a row (2017 and 2018). Olle talks about the work behind the success and what lies ahead.

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