Mattias Keresztesi

Senior Consultant & Associate Partner. Mattias has broad experience in opinion forming and political decision-making processes at various levels, including the Swedish and European parliaments as well as regional and municipal politics.

For six years, Mattias was the Moderate Party's head of policy and led a team of policy advisers and experts at the party's Parliamentary Office. During the Alliance government, he worked closely with the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Finance and other parts of the Government Offices. He has previously served as a political adviser at the European Parliament in Brussels. He has also been a member of the Stockholm County Council Assembly and has held a number of municipal positions.

In addition to a master's studies in political science, Mattias has studied psychology and international relations at Stockholm University. He has studied Spanish at Galileo Galilei Escuela de Español, EU Law at the University of London and Upgrading NGO Lobbying Practices at the European Training Institute in Brussels.