Quality Routines

New Republic has set high internal quality standards, and our work is carried out according to defined quality routines. All communication with, and on behalf of, our clients must always be factually and linguistically correct.

New Republic’s quality assurance routines are as follows:

  • A consultant is assigned to every project to ensure that all services are completed to a high standard and within the time promised and that the client relationship is managed correctly and professionally. The client is assigned a dedicated contact person.

  • At least two other consultants are kept abreast of, and updated on, the ongoing and planned actions of each project to ensure long-term delivery capacity and to reduce our vulnerability with regard to the assignments.

  • Goals, expectations, available resources, scope, forms of cooperation and quality criteria are carefully reviewed with the client at the start of each assignment.

  • Continually checking with the client throughout the process guarantees that the assignment is carried out in the manner expected and enables continual adjustments to be made.

  • All deliveries are internally evaluated for the quality of the analysis, recommendations, language use, and design.

  • After completion of the assignment, and before the invoice is sent, we hold a close-out meeting with the client.