Our Services

New Republic provides strategic advice and operational support to companies, government agencies and organisations that want to strengthen their external relationships. Our services cover the process from A to Z, that is to say, from initial analysis to execution and evaluation.

The methodologies and tools we employ are always tailor-made to the challenge and goals in question. Our services are always based on a genuine interest in, and, when needed, a thorough analysis of, the client’s work. The majority of our partnerships are long term, but we also carry out short-term assignments.

A fundamental part of our work is analysing and navigating complex social issues with many interested parties. We can, when requested, assume overall responsibility for leading the process of, for example, producing a communication strategy or a publicity plan with specific components, such as memoranda, strategic events, surveys and reports.

We write the basic background material for press releases and opinion articles and make sure they reach the relevant editors and make it onto social media. If required, media training can be arranged for spokespersons. We put on seminars at one of our offices, in Visby during Almedalen Week or elsewhere.

New Republic often assumes the role of a process manager, supporting the strategic work of management groups. At other times, what we do is of a more limited nature, for example mapping what is required, both politically and in terms of shaping opinion, for a specific change in legislation. If the conclusions support this, we can raise ambitions and focus them on advocacy strategies and their execution.