About New Republic

About New Republic

New Republic is a consultancy firm that provides strategic advice and operational support to companies, government agencies and organisations wanting to strengthen their external relationships. Our assignments range from bringing about a specific change in legislation, or a generally better understanding of an industry’s social usefulness, to achieving greater brand exposure or helping government agencies to formulate and disseminate public information.

New Republic’s clients are companies, organisations and government agencies that seek advice based on expertise, analytical vigour and ideological breadth. We are often advisers to top-level management.

Success, transparency and sustainability – The foundations of our work

New Republic always makes the client’s operational objectives the number-one priority. Our expertise lies in strategic communication, but actual success presupposes knowledge and understanding of the client’s work and circumstances. We achieve this through dialogue and the systematic accumulation of experience as well as matching our clients with consultants genuinely interested in the work in question.

New Republic respects and upholds the democratic process. We want to contribute to a public debate where more voices make themselves heard, and we believe that opinion shapers and influencers should be known. Decision makers or others whom we seek to influence must know which interests we represent. The same goes for existing and potential clients as well as anyone thinking about applying for a position with us.

We want to leave behind a healthy society and a planet that our children can inhabit. At New Republic, we endeavour to make sustainable choices in the work we do and actively look to collaborate with clients who drive sustainability work forwards. We define sustainability in terms of a limited environmental and climate impact and a democratic societal development based on equality.

The New Republic story

New Republic started in 2010. The four founders had experience from top-level political, journalistic, and strategic communication positions. The starting point is a shared view on what is required for advising the most demanding clients in a reality where the political playing field, the media landscape and the conditions for shaping opinion are continually changing.

Our founding philosophy is to build a first-rate, heterogeneous team and to establish effective work routines that encourage new ways of thinking and a continuous development of methods, tools and arguments. New Republic is a workplace that demands expertise in political processes and/or communication as well as knowledge of specific subject areas. We strive for breadth in the internal flow of ideas and therefore have employees with diverse backgrounds and of different political leanings based in different parts of the country. Diversity creates the ability to analyse our environment and those of our clients.

At the same time, we, as colleagues, need to share a fundamental view of ourselves and our role in society. Those who act consistently and responsibly gain trust, respect and latitude. Helping companies and organisations take and show social responsibility in ever-expanding circles around their traditional core operations is an important part of our mission. These are the rules of the game that very much apply to us as well.

Transparency – A democratic responsibility and a success factor

We have concluded that transparency is a decisive success factor. That said, commercially sensitive information is naturally always kept confidential. At New Republic, we work close to the centre of decision-making; we seek information, carry out investigations, formulate arguments and drive processes. We therefore regard it as a matter of courtesy that anyone should, if they so wish, be able to see the interests we represent and to what ends. This is important knowledge for those we seek to influence and for those considering to hire our services or to apply for a position with us.

This means that we are part of the transparent culture we so often advise our clients to embrace. It is a catalyst for our work; no assignment is accepted unless the client in question is prepared to stand by it. Continuous reflection and discussion are the product of a heterogeneous team. Consensus is not a reasonable goal; every employee can decline to work on assignments if they so wish. We value different ways of thinking and respect differences.

Transparency also allows anyone to evaluate how well we live up to the sustainability goals that are also a fundamental part of New Republic’s work. We actively seek partnerships that contribute to sustainable societal growth and a reduced environmental burden. We also strive for sustainable solutions in our work. Transparency attracts employees who, regardless of other differences, share the belief that it is beneficial to have more arguments in the public debate as long as it is clear who is making them.

Our Team

New Republic has employees with diverse backgrounds based in different parts of the country.

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