Some of the Tools

Communication strategy and messaging platform. Effective strategic communication will help achieve the operational goals. A basis for any successful strategy is having a clear idea of which are your most important target audiences and a good view of the playing field you are operating on.

  • Communication strategy and action plan
    Effective strategic communication that helps achieve the operational goals is contingent upon consistent and clear messaging and well-defined target audiences. A playing field analysis clarifies the context in which the client and the target audiences operate and answers questions such as: Who are our most important ambassadors and how can they be mobilised? What potential obstacles do we face and how can they be overcome? When a strategic foundation for communication is laid, a concrete action plan is required that clarifies what needs to be done, when and who is responsible for each action. The action plan includes continuous evaluations as well. New Republic often provides support throughout the process, from the creation of a communication strategy to the execution of actions and evaluations (see Methodology).

  • Top-level meetings
    We arrange meetings with a focus on current social issues. Here the client can meet decision-makers from business, politics, organisations and academia.

  • Opinion surveys
    We design surveys and questionnaires and can conduct them or hire one of the polling companies we work with.

  • Reports and memoranda
    We conduct investigations and surveys as a basis for a range of strategic communication efforts. The findings are often presented as reports and memoranda, sometimes in our name but more often in the client’s; the context and issue determine which form is most suitable. See a report here.

  • Media training and presentation techniques
    We provide practical guidance on how best to get your messages across when meeting journalists or in front of an audience. We conduct practical interview training in front of a camera.

  • Training
    We organise courses, lectures and workshops on strategic communication, with specialisations in political advocacy, public affairs and crisis communication.

  • Crisis management
    Some of Sweden’s most experienced crisis management and crisis communication consultants work at New Republic. If required, we can be available around the clock for advice and execution support. We arrange crisis simulations and media training workshops.

  • Events during Almedalen Week
    New Republic has its own arena in central Visby, a stone’s throw from the Almedalen stage. We rent out the place for seminars, meetings and mingle events and provide everything from planning and practical arrangements to moderating services and assistance with contacting potential panel members. Read more about our Almedalen services here

  • External resources
    Occasionally companies and organisations hire our consultants to be their acting heads of communication or acting heads of press relations.